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UX’ers, I made a thing for you: check out version 1.0 of an open source UX project planner / tracker template I’ve been working on for a few months.

I created it as a tool to document a user experience project in an efficient and collaborative manner, as well as give clients/stakeholders visibility and accessibility into various aspects of the project.

We all know the importance of setting appropriate stakeholder expectations, attaining alignment among contributors and stakeholders, and ensuring that your project schedule, process and data are accessible by all involved.

The planner / tracker is my solution to these challenges. It’s not perfect, but it functions well as a “one place for everything” resource. You can use it to frame up the project, identify contributors and approvers, lay out the schedule, design and document your recruiting and session protocols, record your project meeting notes, and even enter your raw notes from observations or interview sessions.

Best of all IMO, your client or stakeholder can comment inline on whatever section you need reviewed. Because I’ve utilized document headings and subheadings, you can do neat things like tell the client (via email, Slack, semaphore, etc.) something like:

Hi all, I’ve drafted the recruit request and put together an initial schedule of session times and dates.

Could you please review these and provide comments and/or approvals?

The recruit request is here:

And the participant schedule is here:

Some other thoughts:

  • Leave the outline sidebar on. It’s incredibly useful for jumping between sections.
  • I’d like to add a section for initial data synthesis, and possibly analysis. I just figured getting this out in the world was more important than making it perfect.
  • As you read it, you’ll see references to other tools that I employ for project work, such as SlackGoogle DriveMoqups, etc. Obviously, use what works for you. But I highly recommend including direct links to any external resources in the project planner itself.

I’ve set permissions for this as “viewable, copyable and downloadable by all.” So you should be able to just save a copy to your own G Drive, or download it to use in Word. Fair warning, I make no claims regarding formatting fidelity outside of Google Docs.

I’ve licensed it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. As a Creative Commons work, it’s yours to use, modify, adapt, etc. Please share it, improve it, and enjoy!

Here’s a short URL for the planner / tracker:

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