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Here’s another resource that I wanted to share with the UX community: I’ve created a template and example for a daily research recap.

I created this template as a way to quickly communicate research results to team members and stakeholders on a daily basis.

One of the more important lessons I’ve learned during my UX career is that it’s vital for UX practitioners to keep team members and stakeholders informed and aligned. Another lesson I’ve learned is speed of communication is critical in this brave new world of agile/lean product ideation, design, and development.

As the people who glean insights from users and customers, we should strive to communicate our results quickly. At the same time, we need to be clear that daily recaps should not take the place of considered analysis.

This template is intended to communicate “here’s what we’re seeing after n user sessions” as opposed to “here’s the results, now go write stories and code to this information.” When you use it, you should ensure that this understanding is shared.

It’s set up as an email, but you could just as easily drop it into Slack, Jira Agile, etc.

The template is here:

Like the UX project planner, I’ve licensed it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. As a Creative Commons work, it’s yours to use, modify, adapt, etc. Please share it, improve it, and enjoy!

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