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Here’s what I’m doing in UX this week…

What I’m Working On

I’m continuing the information architecture and navigation redesign work with the Cleveland-based software company. In a meeting with business analyst and development contributors we reviewed our initial concepts for converging five applications into a more object- and task-based IA and navigation approach. Feedback was good, so the principal designer and I are going to prototype multiple variations for usability testing. Their user base is tough to access depending on the time of year, so we’re hoping we can line up users before the end of July.


During the first half of summer I’m teaching two classes for the Kent State UX Master of Science program: User Experience Design Principles & Concepts and Researching User Experience I. They’re among my favorite classes to teach. The Principles & Concepts class is the first course in the overall sequence. I actually designed the most current version about two years ago. It seems to be doing well from both in terms of outcomes and student evaluations. That is, nearly 100% of students who begin the program by taking this class continue on in the program, and the course is evaluated quite positively across multiple instructors.

The research class is still solid, but I’m fixin’ to redesign it this fall before it runs again in a year. The current version was designed by Samantha Starmer, VP of Design at Capital One. The content is top-notch, but my feeling is that we should remove the survey research learning goals and focus exclusively on qualitative, small-sample observation and interview techniques. I’m not saying surveys are completely useless…unless of course I’m stuck trying to analyze the data from someone else’s poorly-designed survey. My take, having spent most of my graduate school career learning how to conduct research surveys properly, is that it takes way more time to learn survey research than we can give it in a 7-week course. So I’d rather we not send UX’ers into the world with an insufficient grasp of proper survey design, deployment, analysis, and synthesis.

Oh and I’m also supervising and contributing to the creation of our first course on accessibility and universal design. I’m excited about this. I’ve been an advocate for accessible design since…hold on, checking Google Scholar…wow. Since 2003. I’ve ran numerous trainings and workshops on accessibility, but haven’t gotten the chance to build an industrial-strength (or more accurately, academic-strength) course until now. We’re aiming to launch this course in time for the spring semester.

What I’m Learning

Since I relaunched ShermanUX I have a renewed interest in SEO and analytics. I’ve let my knowledge in this area become a bit stale and I need a refresher. So I’ll be looking for readings on site analytics and content marketing.

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