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Here’s what I’m doing in UX this week…

What I’m Working On

I’m still working on the information architecture and navigation redesign project with the Cleveland-based software company. But a few interesting opportunities came my way last week:

  • An old client from the financial & real estate software world called me. His team want my design partners and I to restart support for new feature research, workflow design, usability testing, and design system updating. This is nice because it means we can essentially pick up where we left off last year for most of the products we supported.
  • A local (as in Cleveland) experience design consultancy asked me to join them on a bid to design and usability test a mobile-based patient check-in system for a regional healthcare organization. Every time I think I don’t have a network to speak of, I need to remind myself about opportunities like this.


As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’m teaching two well-designed classes for KSU during the first half of summer: User Experience Design Principles & Concepts and Researching User Experience I. So far, so good. There’s only been a few minor hitches that were easily remedied through some on-the-fly instruction updates.

What I’m Learning

Honestly I’m so task-loaded this week it doesn’t feel like I’ll be intentionally seeking out new information. But I did learn that Neal Stephenson’s new book goes on sale tomorrow, Technically that counts as learning something, right?

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